Industrial Cleaning

We are a team of motivated professionals dedicated to excellence in industrial cleaning, and coating removal services. We work to maintain your loyalty by accommodating your ever changing needs. L&P works on but not limited to industrial stacks, industrial fans, industrial ductwork, commercial buildings, boiler washing, pits and tanks, equipment and building, steel plants and etc.


L&P Painting provides a wide range of solutions to meet industrial fireproofing needs, on schedule, with high quality and low costs.  L&P specializes in the application of high-performance coatings throughout the petrochemical, power, refining, manufacturing, transportation and commercial construction industries but not limited to. 

Dry Ice Blasting

L&P Painting offers professional contract dry ice blasting services that can be performed at your facility. We can provide the dry ice blasting cleaning equipment, compressed air supply, pellet-sized dry ice and our team of trained and certified experienced operators to perform professional cleaning services at your facility.

We Also Specialize in Much More

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Insulate Coating

In looking for cost efficiencies, there is growing interest in the use of thermal insulating coatings.  If energy costs remain high or even increase, that interest is likely to grow.  Insulating coatings are liquid or semi-liquid, suitable for application to a surface which dries or cures to simultaneously form a protective finish and provide resistance to heat flow.

Tank Lining & Coating

L&P Painting capabilities include but not limited to shot blasting, abrasive blasting, baking soda blasting, diamond grinding, high pressure washing, confined space entry, abrasive grit & wet blasting, repairing, permeation detection & evaluation.

Surface Preparation

From a large steel structure, a complex concrete floor, or a mid-size job, L&P has a highly qualified group of employees and equipment to get the job down in a timely matter at a fair price.  At L&P we have surface-preparation experience in the form of abrasive blasting, high pressure water-blasting, dry ice blasting, hand/power-tool cleaning, solvent cleaning, etc.

Scaffolding Erection

L&P Painting has 30 plus years of experience in erecting & dismantling scaffolding for all sort of projects. Whether it's emergency scaffolding or large scale planned projects, we will be ready to provide our expert services. We can provide scaffolding services of all kinds and in all environments. Whether it's in confined spaces, standard elevated work areas or hazardous areas, we can do it promptly and safely.